A Catholic Woman’s Modest Look-Book

When a woman veils her body in modesty, she is not hiding herself from men. She is revealing her dignity to them!

Proverbs 31:25 Strength and dignity are her clothing, And she smiles at the future.

So many women refuse to dress modestly in fear of coming across as frumpy and unconfident. This is unfortunate, because dressing modestly should not hinder you from being a fashionable woman, in fact, it should encourage you to build self-esteem. Catholic women are beautiful, but modest, Catholic women are a gift from God. What does dressing modestly entail? As Edith Head once said,“Your clothes should be tight enough to show you’re a woman, and loose enough to prove you’re a lady.” Whether your style is bohemian, grunge, classic, or vintage, you can always find chic alternatives for dressing in a modest fashion!

Katie (@catholic.teen.page) and I hosted a contest a few weeks ago asking all Catholic women to send in their favorite modest outfits for mass, school, work, etc and here is an awesome look-book that we created, Enjoy!

Displaying image3.jpeg                  Displaying image4.jpeg

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Displaying image6.jpeg           Displaying image5.jpeg              Displaying image2.jpeg

Displaying image4.jpeg     Displaying image5.jpeg   Displaying image6.jpeg

Displaying image7.jpeg       Displaying FullSizeRender.jpg      Displaying image1.jpeg

Photo courtesy: (in order) @sandymandy__ ; @meganjwaldorf ; @priscila_rodriguez ; @catholic.teen.page (Katie); @elizabeth_a_waldorf ; My friend Caitie ; @_s_eren ; @_allison__wonderland ; @issiieee ; @kaitilove2 ; @jaclynhunt ; @catholicstudentspage (me)

Quick Tips~

1. Scarves like Kaitie and Priscila are wearing are a great way to bundle up for this cold weather, and it adds color to your outfit.

2. Jewelry, jewelry, jewelry. Adding these accessories will really add some sparkle to your wardrobe. If you have a pear-shaped, or hour-glass shaped figure wear short necklaces and long earrings to draw the eye upwards. If you have more of a streamline figure (rectangle, aka banana) try a longer necklace to add more emphasis to your hip area.

3. Try to stay away from jeans that are too tight. The perfect jean (skinny, boyfriend, etc) should fit you like a glove: If you can stick two fingers inside the front of your jean then you have the right fit! If not, consider going up or down one size.

4. Neutrals. Every woman deserves to have at least 4-5 neutral jackets, shirts, and pants to wear throughout the week. Personally, I love my neutral clothing, because it is so easy to add some cute accessories to brighten it up! For example: You could wear a skinny jean (correct fit), white blouse (neutral), and a red scarf and booties, and this would be a perfect casual school look.

I love all of these photos! Real women, real bodies, real Catholic’s.
If you’d like more posts like these, with more detailed fashion advice, let me know!

Big thanks to all the women who participated!


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