Why We Honor Mother Mary

This post is dedicated to Jesus Christ, my savior, who keeps me out of darkness; Mary, who watches over me with a mother’s love; and God who molded me into the woman I am today.

There are many cruel rumors that circulate about Catholicism, such as the infamous saying, “Catholics are idolators; they worship statues, instead of God.” Most of these accusations we can brush off, because as Catholics, we know they are just false rumors. However, there is one rumor that is not so easily tossed aside, particularly, our devotion to Mother Mary. There is a reason why we feel the need to defend Mary, to be devoted to her. In the next few paragraphs, I will explain why we honor her, the important role she plays in the Christian (Catholic) faith, and attempt to de-bunk modern Marian heresies.

Contrary to what some denominations may think of Mary, she is a blessed woman. What does the word blessed mean exactly? It means to be consecrated; holy; sanctified; and/or worthy of adoration. We know Mary is blessed this for two reasons: 1. She gave birth to Jesus Christ, savior to the world; 2. Biblical proof. In Luke 1:28 the archangel, Gabriel visits Mary to deliver a message, calling her “blessed.” As an archangel, Gabriel delivers a message from who? God! Therefore, the message given to Mary was from God. If God said Mary is blessed, how can we deny that truth?
*Note: More examples of Mary being called “blessed” Luke 1:42 (by Elizabeth); Luke 11:27 (by a woman in the crowd); Luke 1:48 (Mary said “.. henceforth, all generations shall call be blessed”).

Clearly Mary is a blessed woman, but why do we need her? She’s not as important as Jesus, right? Wrong. When Gabriel was communicating God’s message, he told Mary that she had found favor with God. God needed Mary to carry God’s son. Riddle me this, if God needed Mary, then do we not all need her, as well? Of course.

Alright, she’s an important figure in the church, but we don’t need to honor her, right? Wrong again. If we are all called to imitate Christ, as the bible tells us, then why do we not also honor Mary, as Jesus did? In the ten commandments, one of the commandments is to ‘honor your mother and father.’ That means we are honor our own earthly mothers and father, yes, but according to the bible we are to imitate Christ. Therefore, we honor Mary, as well. What does the word honor mean? It means to highly respect; recognize. Are we to worship Mary? No, not at all. We worship God, solely. Are we to honor Mary– highly respect her? Of course. She gave birth to our Savior, Jesus, that is something worth respecting. Don’t you think?

Let’s talk about Mary’s role in the church. Mary is a woman who went through a roller coaster of emotions in her life, just as we did. For this reason, this why we can also look to Mary as a role-model, and mother. She understands. She had the great joy of being chosen by God to deliver, Jesus. She watched Him grow into adulthood, loved and took care of Him. Mary, like any mother, was devastated to see her son be ridiculed, tortured, and sacrificed to save all mankind. Can you imagine her heart break? Just as her heart broke for her son, her heart breaks for us too. Mary is a mother to the world, who doesn’t want to see her children hurting. She has the divine authority to pray for us, and help us. Since Mary is the mother of Jesus, she can ask Him for certain things, and He will honor and listen to her. How do we know this? In John 2:1-11, a wedding is taking place in Cana and Jesus, His disciples, and Mary were there. Mary tells Jesus, “they have no wine left.” Jesus took the empty basins and He filled them with water, and the water turned to wine. Jesus preformed His first miracle here. Did you get that? Jesus preformed a miracle, because Mary asked him to. Knowing that information, do you think that if we ask Mary to pray for us, that she will relay that message to Jesus? Of course she will, and Jesus will listen to her, and honor her.

I always like to tell people that it’s great to ask fellow Catholics to pray for you, in fact, the bible asks us to do so, but because we’re human sometimes we forget to pray for one another, it’s actually more beneficial to ask Mary, Queen of Heaven and Mother of Jesus, to pray for you. This is not worship, but asking for help from a friend, except this friend is blessed and in heaven.

I hope this helps clear any doubts, or controversial questions you may have about Mary, and I also pray that the biblical evidence provided encourages you to stand up for the faith, defend Mother Mary, and honor her. She is a very blessed, beautiful, and holy mother to us all. I encourage you to go to your adoration chapel and spend some time praying to Mother Mary, asking her to pray for you if you are struggling with something difficult in your life. Also, pray to Jesus. Ask Him to lead, guide, and protect you all the days of your life. Thank them.

God bless,








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