Top 9 Catholic Pages on Instagram: Why I Love Them and Why You Will Too


On October 6, 2010, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created an app, Instagram, that transformed social media. This app changed the way we communicated, and saw the world. However, this unique app is not just a breeding ground for the infamous selfie’s anymore, but a new evangelization method. Catholics have taken Instagram by storm with various pages dedicated to the Christian lifestyle and experience. These creative pages have not only encouraged others to defend the Catholic faith, but made doing so a joyful experience. The following pages are my current favorite Catholic instagrammers:

1. @catholic_teen_posts
This young lady has gained a whopping 18,000 followers, and she deserves it. Her work on Instagram consists of evangelizing, posting humorous memes, inspiring quotes, and dogmatic truths. Despite her popularity, she somehow remains humble, and is an admirable young teen for doing so. Whether you are a teenager, or adult, you will find the truth and joy of Christ within her posts.

2. @vatican__
This is the official page of the Holy See. If you’re interested in seeing breath taking pictures of Rome, our beloved Pope Francis, and other unique pictures from within (and outside) the Vatican walls, I strongly suggest you follow this page.

3. @catholic_imagery
This page is one of the first Catholic pages I followed on Instagram, and I have never felt disappointed with his posts. Each picture is fresh, and relatable to any Catholic who follows him. For the most part, his posts have a serious message to convey– the importance of Christ in our daily lives. This user is admirable for his ability to joke around when needed, and to explain and defend the faith at all times.

4. @chewyy56  and  @catholic_demonology
James is the admin for both of these pages, one being his personal account, and the later being an account solely dedicated to the explanation of the Catholic Church’s most debatable rite, demonology. This user is someone I highly respect– his knowledge of Catholic dogma and the rites of the church is refreshing. I seldom see young adults, in the generation of James and I, who take interest into these particular teachings of the Catholic Church. He is well-spoken, and passionate about what he teaches. If you are curious about learning more about demonology, or have any questions about the faith, contact James, and he will guide you along the right path.

5. @catholic_cristiannn
Cristian is a fellow young Catholic, attending college classes, and somehow managing to find time each day to run a page dedicated to the faith. He inspire his followers, myself included, daily with his hilarious memes, and beautiful posts. He is a young man that stands out above others with his heart, obviously full, of God’s love.

6. @catholicgirlposts
If you have been searching for a quirky Catholic page, look no further. This adorable IG page is ran by two lively teenage girls, Rachel and Layna. Their posts are filled with original memes, and the laughter of their followers. These girls are wonderful examples of what a devout teen should aspire to be.

7. @catholic_truth
8. @catholicdaily
9. @catholicconvert
If you’re ever in a moment of doubt, or need an uplifting message to get you through the day, check out any of the pages listed above. These users are consistent in posting beautiful, inspiring pictures that can lead any weary follower back to the heart of our Lord, Jesus Christ.



I hope you have enjoyed my list of favorite Catholic IG’s. As always, keep defending the faith, and God bless you!